Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Sencha Touch: How to Fix the Loading Spinner not rotating error

In order to fix the Loading Spinner not rotating error in Sencha touch 2, Please include the below sass code in the end of your sass file (app.scss).

@keyframes x-loading-spinner-rotate {

  0%{     -ms-transform: rotate(0deg); transform: rotate(0deg); }

  8.32%{  -ms-transform: rotate(0deg); transform: rotate(0deg); }

  8.33%{  -ms-transform: rotate(30deg); transform: rotate(30deg); }

  16.65%{ -ms-transform: rotate(30deg); transform: rotate(30deg); }

  16.66%{ -ms-transform: rotate(60deg); transform: rotate(60deg); }

  24.99%{ -ms-transform: rotate(60deg); transform: rotate(60deg); }

  25%{    -ms-transform: rotate(90deg); transform: rotate(90deg); }

  33.32%{ -ms-transform: rotate(90deg); transform: rotate(90deg); }

  33.33%{ -ms-transform: rotate(120deg); transform: rotate(120deg); }

  41.65%{ -ms-transform: rotate(120deg); transform: rotate(120deg); }

  41.66%{ -ms-transform: rotate(150deg); transform: rotate(150deg); }

  49.99%{ -ms-transform: rotate(150deg); transform: rotate(150deg); }

  50%{    -ms-transform: rotate(180deg); transform: rotate(180deg); }

  58.32%{ -ms-transform: rotate(180deg); transform: rotate(180deg); }

  58.33%{ -ms-transform: rotate(210deg); transform: rotate(210deg); }

  66.65%{ -ms-transform: rotate(210deg); transform: rotate(210deg); }

  66.66%{ -ms-transform: rotate(240deg); transform: rotate(240deg); }

  74.99%{ -ms-transform: rotate(240deg); transform: rotate(240deg); }

  75%{    -ms-transform: rotate(270deg); transform: rotate(270deg); }

  83.32%{ -ms-transform: rotate(270deg); transform: rotate(270deg); }

  83.33%{ -ms-transform: rotate(300deg); transform: rotate(300deg); }

  91.65%{ -ms-transform: rotate(300deg); transform: rotate(300deg); }

  91.66%{ -ms-transform: rotate(330deg); transform: rotate(330deg); }

  100%{   -ms-transform: rotate(330deg); transform: rotate(330deg); }


Monday, 31 August 2015

Sencha Touch: How to Fix Message Box unResponsive Error

Sometimes, you may came across a strange behaviour in sencha touch app. i.e the alert message will become unresponsive, this will force you to kill and re-launch the app. This error is mainly due to animation when alert message is getting displayed in your app.

In order to fix this, you need to disable the animation with this line of code.
Ext.Msg.defaultAllowedConfig.showAnimation = false;      
Hope, you enjoyed this post.

Sunday, 5 April 2015

Assign object to another variable in Sencha Touch

In Sencha Touch, if we need to assign the Object variable (that contains properties and methods) to another variable, usually developers will write the code as

var obj1 = origObj;

From the above code, both variable obj1 and origObj will point to the same memory location. If we change any properties in obj1, the same will get updated in origObj.

If we need to create a new object from the existing objects,  that will reference to new memory location. Here is the sencha touch code.

var obj1 = Ext.merge({}, origObj);

Now, both obj1 and origObj variable will not point to the same memory location. Here is the documentation reference for Ext.merge().

Hope, you enjoyed this post.

Sencha Touch: How to Integrate BaseUrl for the Ajax request in the Store Proxy URL

I have seen lot of developers hard code the full API URL in their store proxy URL configuration. If they need to change the URL in the future, they need to update in all their stores.  There may be a chance they may leave some store unmodified this will lead to bugs.

We can maintain the baseUrl configuration in a single place, and if they need to change in future, they can change it in once place, instead of modifying in all stores. Let's see the BaseUrl Singleton class which will define the baseUrl of our App which will be used for all the stores ajax request.

Sunday, 21 December 2014

Book Review: Building a Login System using Sencha Touch by Josh Morony

I got a chance to review this eBook "Building a Login System using Sencha Touch" by Josh Morony.

If you need to integrate Login form in your Sencha Touch App that you haven't done it before, this is book for you. Also if you like to integrate the facebook login and need to generate the native android and IOS binary file that need to distribute to your App Store, this is the book for you. Here is my detailed review on this book in chapter wise.

Take advantage of Packt's awesome eBook bonanza – every eBook and video is $5

Following the success of last year’s festive offer, Packt Publishing will be celebrating the holiday season with an even bigger $5 offer.

From Thursday 18th December, every eBook and video will be available on the publisher’s website for just $5. Customers are invited to purchase as many as they like before the offer ends on Tuesday January 6th, making it the perfect opportunity to try something new or to take your skills to the next level as 2015 begins.

With all $5 products available in a range of formats and DRM-free, customers will find great value content delivered exactly how they want it across Packt’s website this Xmas and New Year.

Find out more at

Sunday, 6 July 2014

Packt’s celebrates 10 years with a special $10 offer

This month marks 10 years since Packt Publishing embarked on its mission to deliver effective learning and information services to IT professionals. In that time it’s published over 2000 titles and helped projects become household names, awarding over $400,000 through its Open Source Project Royalty Scheme.
To celebrate this huge milestone, from June 26th Packt is offering all of its eBooks and Videos at just $10 each for 10 days – this promotion covers every title and customers can stock up on as many copies as they like until July 5th.
Dave Maclean, Managing Director explains ‘From our very first book published back in 2004, we’ve always focused on giving IT professionals the actionable knowledge they need to get the job done. As we look forward to the next 10 years, everything we do here at Packt will focus on helping those IT professionals, and the wider world, put software to work in innovative new ways.
We’re very excited to take our customers on this new journey with us, and we would like to thank them for coming this far with this special 10-day celebration, when we’ll be opening up our comprehensive range of titles for $10 each.
If you’ve already tried a Packt title in the past, you’ll know this is a great opportunity to explore what’s new and maintain your personal and professional development. If you’re new to Packt, then now is the time to try our extensive range – we’re confident that in our 2000+ titles you’ll find the knowledge you really need , whether that’s specific learning on an emerging technology or the key skills to keep you ahead of the competition in more established tech.’  
More information is available at

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