Friday, 31 January 2014

Sencha Touch: Expense Tracker app development tutorial

I started developing Expense Tracker App using Sencha Touch 2.3 and build the app using Phonegap/Cordova. I thought that i need to keep track my daily expenses in my mobile phone and also i need to know how much i am spending based on categories (Tea/Coffee, Drinks, Film etc). These informations will be helpful for me to plan my future financial savings.

I almost completed the app development and installed it in my Phone (iPhone and Android). I faced lot of issues and obstaclus while developing this app. I like to share my app development experience to all my readers and also willing to explain the implementation with the help of source code here as a Post Series.

Here is the list of post series for Expenses Tracker App development

You can download the source code for the Expense Tracker App from the below GitHub Url

I hope you enjoyed all of my post series on Expense Tracker app development tutorial. See you soon on next set of blog post series.

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

SenchaCon 2014 is Coming to the San Francisco Bay Area

SenchaCon 2014 will be in the heart of Silicon Valley at the Santa Clara Convention Center, November 10-13, 2014. This is a must-attend event, so mark your calendar now.

This state of the art facility sits next to the new 49ers football stadium and will house the ever popular Community Pavillion, where SenchaCon attendees can reserve a private session with a Sencha engineer, play a game of pool, grab some grub or check out our fantastic sponsors.


Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Sencha Touch : How to attach event listeners for DatePicker field

Today, we are going to see, how can we attach event listeners for DatePicker field in Sencha Touch 2. First lets create FormPanel Component and add DatePicker field. Here is the code

PHP: Compare two folders recursively for files match and mismatch

I like to share a PHP Code which is used for comparing two folders recursively in order to verify files in both directory are same or not. Final output will be displayed in the Table Format with colored text.  This php file is used for below cases.
  • Compare any two local SVN branch folders
  • Compare any two local files
  • and so on..

Monday, 13 January 2014

Sencha Touch: How to group list items in a List Component

Today, we are going to see how to apply group for model items in Ext.dataview.List Component. This list component is used to list the items based on Store. Here is the usage of List Component in Web App:
  • List of messages in an email app
  • Show latest news/tweets
  • Tiled set of albums in an HTML5 music player 
  • and so on ...
Let's consider the below code for our demonstration purpose. We are going to list the users and apply group using their date of birth.

Different ways of querying the container hierarchy in Sencha Touch 2

Today, we are going to see the three functions query(), child() and down() that are used to query the direct child and sublevel child component in the container hierarchy. Let's take the below code for our demonstration purpose and explains the various ways for querying the container hierarchy.

Thursday, 2 January 2014

Implement Flash Messages using Session in PHP - Part2

In Part1 of this Post Series, I explained about the introduction of Flash Messages and  its usages. we also saw the Interface PHP class for FlashMessage class. Today, we are going to see the FlashMessage class implementation.

PHP: How to insert array before/after the key into the existing array

Today, i like to share two handy array functions in PHP, which are used to insert array before/after the key into the existing array.

Insert array before function

This function will insert key/value as well as array before the key in the existing array.

 * Inserts a new key/value before the key in the array.
 * @param $key  The key to insert before.
 * @param $array  An array to insert in to.
 * @param $new_key  The key/array to insert.
 * @param $new_value  An value to insert.
 * @return array
public function array_insert_before($key, array $array, $new_key, $new_value = null) {
    if (array_key_exists($key, $array)) {
        $new = array();
        foreach($array as $k = > $value) {
            if ($k === $key) {
                if (is_array($new_key) && count($new_key) > 0) {
                    $new = array_merge($new, $new_key);
                } else {
                    $new[$new_key] = $new_value;
            $new[$k] = $value;
        return $new;
    return false;
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