This Page will contains the list of recommended Sencha Tools, Mobile Emulators,  Sencha Host Providers, Analytics Tool, Design Tool, Performnance Tool, IDE and Code Editors and so on.

Recommended Sencha Resources

Sencha Architect

The ultimate HTML5 visual app builder, Sencha Architect empowers your team to design, develop, and deploy apps from a single, integrated environment. Finally, designers and developers can work in lock-step to create amazing applications.

Sencha Animator

With the power of Sencha Animator, you can build cutting edge interactive CSS3 animations and embed them to your website, iBook, or App. Animate text and images with smooth transitions, design buttons with gradients, and make your animations highly interactive. All backed by the strength of web standards.

Sencha Cloud ( is a complete cloud platform for building mobile web apps. With services like User, Data, Channel, Image and Deployment, makes it easy to create shared experiences in the cloud.The cloud is currently in beta and open to all developers!.

Sencha GXT

Sencha GXT is the fastest, most powerful way to create rich web-based applications using Java. Sencha GXT uses the Google Web Toolkit (GWT) compiler that allows you to write your applications in Java and compile your code into highly optimized cross-browser HTML5 and JavaScript.

Sencha Eclipse Plugin is a full code assist, searching and validation plugin for the popular Eclipse IDE. With the plugin, you’re able to get code assist for standard Sencha Touch 2.1 and Ext JS 4.0.7, 4.1.x types, as well as general support for the Ext JS and Sencha Touch classes that you define as a part of your project.

Sencha Touch Bundle gives you all of the design and development tools you need to build robust, cross-platform apps that run on all touch-based devices. Sencha Touch Bundle combines our industry-leading HTML5 framework — Sencha Touch — with our powerful visual app development tool Sencha Architect, and other powerful technologies like Sencha Touch Charts, Sencha Eclipse Plugin, and mobile packaging.

Sencha Space provides a secure and managed environment for business applications that runs on any mobile device. With Sencha Space, developers have the capability to build powerful business apps using a rich set of device-level APIs, and IT has a secure way to deploy and manage apps without having to taking ownership of personal devices. Best of all, your users can access all the work-related apps from their mobile device while keeping their personal data personal.

Professional application development software for today’s multi-device world: With powerful design and coding tools, industry-leading JavaScript frameworks, and the support you need for serious business development, Sencha Complete combines the best app development features in a single, cost-effective bundle.

Recommended Mobile Emulators

Ripple is a multi-platform mobile environment emulator that is custom-tailored to mobile HTML5 application development and testing. Ripple aims to reduce the challenges being faced by mobile developers caused by today's platform fragmentation in the marketplace. Ripple is targeted towards WebWorks, PhoneGap, and mobile web development and testing!

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